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Hooves of Heaven


Hooves of Heaven is a 501-c3, not for profit foundation created to make an impact in people’s lives through interaction with horses. Their mission is “to enlighten you about how spirit and mind are entwined between horse and man.” It was founded by Chuck and Lori Mattke with the vision of bringing people and horses together and helping troubled young people.

Offers many services:

  • Equine Experimental Learning (EEL)

  • Riding Lessons

  • Trail Rides

  • Day Rides


There are many unique ways to interact with horses.   Hooves of Heaven is here to give you that opportunity and help you discover what you’ve been looking for.

Contact Us

18004 300 Ave.
Ogallah, KS 67656


(785) 743-5448

(785) 769-3413