Hunting & Fishing​

Trego County, located in Northwest Kansas along I-70, is considered a hunter’s paradise. Hunters will find some of the best pheasant, quail, and dove hunting in the nation. Trego County offers outstanding deer hunting as well – both mule and white-tail deer. Wild turkey, prairie chicken, and waterfowl are also abundant. So there is a great selection of wildlife from which to hunt. 

Cedar Bluff Reservoir offers great fishing as well. Fishermen can catch wipers, white bass, crappie, catfish, black bass, and walleye at Cedar Bluff, depending on the time of year as well as the level of the reservoir. Several years ago Cedar Bluff was considered world-class for bass fishing and bass tournaments were held continuously throughout the summer. There are still various tournaments sponsored at Cedar Bluff. 

Visit Trego County and discover this hunting and fishing paradise! 

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Cedar Bluff Reservoir, State Park, & Wildlife Area

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