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Smoky Valley Scenic Byway


The Smoky Valley Scenic Byway greets its visitors with picturesque windmills, abundant wildflowers and native grasses, ever changing agricultural crops, grazing cattle, and unique limestone bluffs as well as stories of the past.

Interesting Facts about the Smoky Valley Scenic Byway:

  • One of twelve Kansas Byways

  • Passes through the Smoky  Hill River Valley in Trego and Ness Counties

  • Covers  approximately 60 miles

  • Forms a U shape

  • Offers easy on & off access to I-70

  • From Ogallah Exit 135 on I-70:  travel south on KS Hwy 147 to KS Hwy 4 east of Brownell; turn west on KS Hwy 4 to US Hwy 283 east of Ransom; and finally turn north on US Hwy 283 to WaKeeney at  I-70 Exit 127

  • Named for their “hazy, blue-gray” appearance at sunrise and sunset

  • Provide a transition between the mixed-grass prairie and the short-grass prairie of the plains

  • Features many varieties of native wildflowers in season  – Coneflowers, Yucca, Indian Blanket, and Sky Blue Pitcher Sage

  • Showcases Cedar Bluff State Park, Reservoir, & Wildlife Area – Favorite with outdoor enthusiasts

  • Steeped with abundant history of the westward movement along the Smoky Hill Trail

  • Filled with history of early settlers who homesteaded in the area

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